Intex Loungers

Self-care day, anyone? Yes is the only answer we’re looking for. Because no one should pass up an opportunity to take a much-needed break to rest and recuperate. We can’t think of a better way to relax than grabbing a pump and setting up one of these inflatable pool loungers to stretch your legs after a long day and get fully immersed into relaxation mode.

Also called an inflatable sofa or air hammock, this fine invention works for various occasions, so you get to choose one that works for you – whether it’s in your backyard while hosting a braai, by the pool or even at the beach as you reacquaint yourself with a fresh ocean breeze. If you browse through this category, you’ll find a selection of Intex swimming pool loungers and mat loungers to pump up your next break.

The Crazy Store always tries to offer you more, so we also have a selection of fashion mat loungers to choose from. Make sure you don’t waste any more time; visit The Crazy Store near you and spoil yourself with any of these easily inflatable loungers for ultimate relaxation. Are you as pumped as we are?

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