Intex Play Centres

Give the gift of joy with a bunch of CRAZY Intex play centres! Let the kids jump and play around in the coolest ball pits and play centres you’ve ever seen. If you’re planning a birthday party or you’re looking for new ways to keep the little ones active, take a look at all the weird and wonderful toys we have on offer.

Launching into a baby ball pit never sounds like a bad idea. In fact, it seems like the ultimate party game. With an incredible offering of “Fun Ballz” in packs of 100, you can get the kids hunting for special prizes and watch as they swim and trudge through a pool of colourful pit balls. Pump up the party with small jumping castles for kids. With choices between a Jump-o-Lene castle or a bounce ring, find something the little ones will love and enjoy the sound of endless laughter.

Let their imaginations soar with other CRAZY playhouses and outdoor play centres with added water features, perfect for a summer day. All of these exciting toys and more are available at The Crazy Store near you. Find your favourite Intex play toy and make every moment as special as can be.

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