Did somebody say unforgettable adventure? We sure did! That’s what you get from fiction books. Not only do you get to escape to a world outside your own, but you also get to live in someone else’s shoes to experience their life. This exercise expands your imagination and throws you into a whirlwind of emotions. Whether you’re into murder mystery books or thriller and suspense books, you’re bound to get a little giddy, mad, sad, teary or all of these at once.

If your preference is romance, you’ll love Danielle Steel books. Her writing will allow you to escape to a world of dreamy romance, where the love stories are so gripping you’ll start to fantasise about teleporting through the pages and being part of the storyline. Alternatively, if the adrenaline from a thriller or suspense and mystery makes you feel alive, you have to pick up books and novels by James Patterson, Dan Brown and Nora Roberts.

Novels for adults can stretch and challenge your views of the world we live in. You won’t regret a minute spent on these pageturners! Make sure that you don’t waste too much time thinking or deciding which book to buy. We advise that you visit The Crazy Store near you right away, and let the book choose you. Or, you can buy as many book options as you’d like. We know that once the reading bug bites, it’s hard to ignore.

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