Toddlers are naturally energetic, and are always occupied with something. That’s why we're CRAZY about those adorable busy bees. So, it’s in you and your child’s best interest to add children activity books in their book collection to ensure they get to learn in the midst of their busy schedules. These types of books are a delightful mental workout for your kids. We call them brain builders, and we think it’s very fitting considering that they’re good for your child's development.

We think that these puzzle books for kids are a perfect excuse to spend more time with your child and engage them in a meaningful way that’s beneficial for both of you. They’re also a perfect excuse to escape from what’s typically described as a “long day”.

So, come through to The Crazy Store to browse through our wide selection of crossword puzzle and word search books. You’ll be able to pick from a variety of sudoku books or large print word search books. Get your child involved by bringing them to the store to pick their favourite one too!

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