Artificial Flowers


We all want beautiful flowers in our home, right? Nothing says ‘I’m ready for guests’ quite like a vase filled to the brim with flowers. But we can’t all afford to buy a fresh flower arrangement every week. Not to mention the hassle of cleaning up as the petals begin to fall. Well, there’s a simple solution, and that's decorative flowers.


Now, before you start thinking that plastic flowers look like fake flowers, we’re here to tell you that they don’t have to. Our range of decorative flower arrangements will bring the same beauty to your space as real flowers do. So, put some artificial flowers in a vase and leave them to do their thing – look pretty!


We also stock decorative plants that nobody would be able to clock. From lavender bushes to trees, these decorative plants are effortlessly beautiful. No effort for you that is. Loom through this category, and click the products you like to check their availability at a store near you. We guarantee that the next time you visit The Crazy Store, you won’t leave without a gorgeous artificial flower arrangement to bring life to your home.

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