Garden Ornaments

For some of us, our gardens are our safe havens. And aside from plants, flowers, and veggie patches, sometimes all it takes is a few garden ornaments to turn a backyard into an outdoor sanctuary. When it comes to our horticulturists, garden gnomes or a birdbath are quintessential items that every garden needs. So, take a look at our offering of decorative ornaments that you’ll fall in love with every time you step outside.

Light up your garden in the evening with solar lights in the shape of owls, snails and other animal designs. Try a gnome with a thermometer to stay up to date with the temperature, or give the kids green fingers with their very own novelty grass heads. You could even start your own collection of garden friends with an assortment of ornamental frogs, ducks, and squirrels. And if you ever need to hide a key, try out a decorative key rock that is guaranteed to go unnoticed!

Complete your sanctuary with cute, quoted garden signs, and listen to the pleasant chirps of songbirds all day long with birdbaths and bird feeders. Turn every moment outdoors into time well spent with decorative garden ornaments that are both CRAZY and creative. Find what you need, and stop by The Crazy Store near you today.

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