Toy Guns, Water Guns and Pistols

Think back to the days when running around the garden playing cops and robbers was the highlight of your daily schedule. All you had to worry about was who was going to be the robber first. Pass those memories onto your children so that one day, they too can look back and relish in CRAZY and amazing childhood moments. Give your children the same experiences you enjoyed as a youngster with our CRAZY toy guns for sale. 

Take your pick from a selection of handguns, play gun kits, gun and handcuff sets and our range of water pistols for some serious fun in the sun. Find a gun with added darts or ones that shoot rubber bands. Whatever your kids love to play most, whether it’s pretending to be a pirate, a soldier, or even a protector of society, they are guaranteed to find something they’ll absolutely love. 

Encourage the little ones to play outside and enjoy the heat with our water guns in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and water capacities. With all these plastic guns for sale, let there never be a dull moment and let the youngsters explore their imaginations with all the stories they can tell.

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